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Install Solutions is Nelson owned and operated, servicing Nelson, Richmond, Motueka, Golden Bay and the greater Nelson/Tasman region.

Quality workmanship, specialist knowledge, guaranteed.

Install Solutions - Professional Shower Installers

Installing Showers in Nelson, Tasman & Golden Bay

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You wouldn’t expect your plumber to know how to tile your bathroom, so how do you know if he can install your shower? For a professional job, do what the big building companies do and hire a specialist shower installer.

As recognised specialist shower installers for leading brands of moulded showers and tiled shower systems, Install Solutions provides quality, professional shower installation for your new home or renovation project.

Only by using a recognised installer are you assured in meeting all of your warranty requirements.

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Reduce Condensation Problems with a ShowerDome

A Showerdome is an innovative New Zealand made product designed to reduce condensation and damp in your bathroom. Say goodbye to steamy mirrors, ceiling drips and mildew when you add a Showerdome with Install Solutions.

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Install Solutions provides a service to have your shower professionally Vitroglazed from a licensed applicator

Vitroglaze is a permanent protective coating which prevents the build-up of mould, grease and grime on glass and other non-porous surfaces. This non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze. Oil & water simply beads off. Perfect for showers, windows, splashbacks, skylights, ceramic tiles, and car windows.

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